Instant Access Networks, LLC

The following companies are some of those collaborating with IAN to develop and protect civilian infrastructure including water utilities, hospitals and communications facilities.    IAN teaming partners have successfully designed, funded and deployed resilient infrastructure including microgrids and  around the world and are eager to provide EMP and cyber protected microgrids for communities across America.  Feel free to contact IAN CEO Charles Manto at or any of the companies listed below directly.

American Microgrid Solutions, LLC
Applied Radical Combustion, LLC
BrightLeafTechnologies, Inc
Conductive Composites Co.
Energy Concepts Company
Garmor, Inc.
Green Survival Solutions
Helix Steel
Iron Edison Battery Company
JaxonEngineering and Maintenance
NextekPower Systems, Inc.

Noovis, LLS
Pathion, Inc.
Portable Solar, LLC
Positive Energies
Power Analytics Corp.
Scott Hydroelectric
Stored Energy Systems, LLC
Sustainable Energy Design Group
Telepath Systems, Inc.
Technology Assessment and Transfer
Thayer Gate Development, LLC
Trusted Systems, Inc.